Current members

Boris Morozov @

Boris is a Ph.D. student since fall 2018. He develops new macrocyclic receptors based on anthracene and naphthalimide dyes

Dr. Sayan Sarkar @

Sayan is a postdoctoral fellow in our laboratory and is involved in the SFB 953 project

Swapnil Ghule @

Swapnil is a PhD student since 2022 in our laboratory and is involved in the SFB 953 project

Viridiana Velazquez Castillo

Viridiana is a visiting PhD student working on nucleotide recognition

Dr. Ismet Basaran

Ismet is a Humboldt Postdoc working on new nucleobase-specific synthetic receptors

Maryam Akhgar

Maryam is a DAAD PhD student working on nitrate sensing project

Fabiano Gargiulo

Fabiano works on his Master in the area of nucleotide recognition

Mark Spektor

Mark is a PhD student and synthesizes macrocycles from PAHs

Group pictures

Past members

  1. 2011-2013 Nanett Backmann, Master of Science
  2. 2012-2014 Christoph Müller, Diplom Chemie
  3. 2012-2014 Rene Arnold, Diplom Chemie
  4. 2014 Patrik Frohmader, Master of Science
  5. 2014 Sharon Janz, Master of Science
  6. 2015-2016 Dr. Ramana R. Mittapalli, Postdoc
  7. 2015-2017 Dr. Siva R. Namashivaya, Postdoc
  8. 2016 P. Sivarama Krishnarao, Postdoc
  9. 2016 Dr. Marina Zakharko, Doctor of Philosophy
  10. 2016-2018 Dr. Anil Ravi, Doctor of Philosophy
  11. 2014-2018 Dr. Tatiana A. Shumilova, Doctor of Philosophy
  12. 2017 Hui Ding, Master of Science
  13. 2019 Dan Xu, Master of Science
  14. 2018-2021 Dr. Aleksandr S. Oshchepkov
  15. 2021-2022 Deeksha Mohan, Master of Science